Katrina S. Kennett



Dr. Katrina Kennett serves as ERC Consulting Practitioner in digital technology, instructional planning, and performance assessment. 

Katrina's workshops model various uses of digital tools and invite teachers to engage in meaningful inquiry and reflection. Her work is conducted within the framework of authentic achievement, a research-based and cognitively rigorous approach to instruction and assessment. Dr. Kennett is the creator of EdCafes, a strategy to leverage student ownership of coursework and material by making space for students’ passions and preferences while pursuing authentically challenging academic work.

A graduate of Connecticut College, Katrina formerly taught in the Plymouth MA Public Schools where she served as a district technology coach and a leading presence on the Authentic Assessment Team in the New England I3 Network, developing performance-based assessments and pioneering student choice as a motivating factor in student-centered classrooms. Katrina completed her Master’s Degree at San Diego State University and her PhD at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. She currently teaches literacy and technology courses at the University of Montana Western.

In addition to consulting with schools and individuals for ERC, Katrina is adept at guiding and supporting teachers as they explore and plan with new digital tools such as Twitter, Padlet, Google Drive (including Google Classroom), and Evernote.