Kothyn Evans Alexander


Consulting Practitioner Kothyn Evans Alexander is a life-long educator and youth advocate with a range of experiences in several parts of the nation.

A proud product of the Chicago Public Schools and Chicago State University, she brings 30 years of experience in teaching, counseling, teaching and learning, and school leadership, all in metropolitan settings including Boston, Detroit, Atlanta, and Chicago. Having begun her career in laboratory schools, she served as counselor then became Assistant Headmaster at the award-winning Fenway High School in Boston. After a principalship in Atlanta, she returned to Chicago where she helped to introduce the Big Picture whole-school design into new settings. That design provides a comprehensive framework for learning based upon relevant and engaging experiences authentically measured by the quality of student work. She currently serves as an educational consultant, specializing in innovative school start-up and transformative projects that support high school learning design.