Career and Technical Education

The world of career and technical education has evolved greatly since the days when it was considered the final stage of many student’s educational experience, to now being viewed as all-inclusive in helping to prepare all students for college and career options upon graduation.  The programs offered at technical high schools, and career and technical education centers have evolved from the days of shops and business programs to include highly technical career fields ranging from areas such Automotive Technology featuring sophisticated electronics to Engineering,  Biotechnology and Robotics.  Many programs built in years past have become outdated and lack current technology and facilities to meet the needs of students pursuing post-secondary education options and careers in high technology fields.

ERC can assist you in:

  • Identification of current trends in regional, state, and national labor market information
  • Facility assessment and review and recommendations for future renovation and new construction plans
  • Design and facilitation of a process for beginning construction or renovation of CTE facilities and labs
  • Review of current equipment and recommendations to meet the evolving needs of business and industry
  • Identification of new program initiatives and best practices for current programs
  • Formalizing inventory systems
  • Concept development for CTE Program up-grades
  •  Facilitating charrettes with key stakeholders to identify and customize program needs and priorities

ERC will work with you to provide the data, program plans, facility assessments and recommendations to create customized, state-of-the-art CTE programs for all students who wish to prepare for college and career opportunities.