Mentoring & Support for New School Leaders

ERC Mentors and Coaches will provide your beginning administrators with the kind of flexible and dedicated support services that will ensure their success. Customized mentoring and coaching support will offer an array of services including but not limited to:

  • Entry planning
  • Building leadership capacity for student achievement
  • Co-observations of teachers
  • Feedback on written observations and evaluations
  • Correspondence, newsletters and E-blasts
  • Support for challenging HR situations
  • Role-alike groups for new administrators
  • Improvement plan design
  • Learning walks and mini-observations
  • Conferencing skills  
  • Goal-setting to improve instruction
  • Program evaluation
  • Strategies for budget development
  • Data Collection & Analysis
  • Initiative Mapping

Customization is the critical element to our success...

ERC Coaches design each mentoring experience specifically for the individual administrator based upon input from that administrator, the district superintendent and the ERC Coach. Support can be provided in a variety of formats and with 24/7 assistance. All mentoring relationships will include one to one consultation, small group meetings, e-mail and phone support. 

"Helping New Leaders Survive and Thrive: Why it’s Critical for School Districts to Re-Think Support and Mentoring" by Wayne Ogden