Executive Coaching and Consulting

For many, school and district leadership has become a solitary endeavor. Too many administrators have been overwhelmed by mandates, ever-increasing numbers of initiatives, and paperwork and meetings required to implement state and national policies. In such an environment even experienced educational leaders can easily lose themselves in day-to-day task accomplishment and relationship maintenance, leaving precious little time and energy for the most important aspect of leadership, influencing.

Increasingly sophisticated Board members know that from Fortune 500 companies to politics, from professional sports to the fine and performing arts, highly successful leaders use coaches to help them excel at what they do*. Seasoned decision-makers make these strategic investments because they understand that organizations with new leaders perform better with high-quality, dedicated Executive Coaching.

Executive Coaching is not for first year administrators who are beginning to learn the nuances of a new position, school or district (ERC provides consultants who can tend to the needs of first years leaders in our mentoring strand). Those who can benefit most from executive coaches have several years of experience in their positions and find themselves taking on persistent challenges that face their schools/districts.

ERC Coaches have developed strategies to assist school leaders in moving beyond task accomplishment to high levels of influence within their schools. We can provide a “thought partner” to help school administrators develop great teams, improve school, personnel and student performance as well as help Board members to understand that the true characteristics of school and district leadership go beyond personal relationship-building and task management.

*For an interesting look at how coaching plays a role in professional success in other arenas, see Atul Gawande’s article:  http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2011/10/03/personal-best