Strategic Planning & Scenario Development

In so many organizations, the mention of “strategic planning” elicits an “oh, no, is it time for that again?” and evokes visions of lots of talking, large group brainstorming, chart paper. And hopefully, a list of outcomes that we may or may not use as a guide for the next year or two –time-consuming and potentially expensive, not that strategic, and not so helpful to organizations that should be looking around the corner and over the hill.

ERC knows that a lot has changed in our understanding of group dynamics. Research has shown that most often people’s best thinking, including their most creative efforts, occur in private and/or in intimate, extended conversations. But, we know that people also need stimulation, a forum for big ideas and a sense of group thinking to play off and be provoked. Fruitful planning must involve a combination of settings and configurations, deep focus, study and imagination, speaking one’s thoughts and active listening, all in a carefully balanced dialogue that constantly plumbs for insights and new understandings. The goal of good planning is the creation of a road-map capable of getting you to the end of a long journey as well as a series of critical shorter jaunts.

ERC has been a leader in re-thinking strategic planning with an array of smart tools, thoughtful use of data, and purposeful sessions that make the best use of busy people and their time. We spend time with you doing framing analyses to determine what people think about the issues involved and their effect on making choices. And, importantly, with our scenario development component, we help you to explore forces that are likely to act on your organization in the next several years,  to make use of them and to avoid missteps and unexpected obstacles.

ERC serves boards of all kinds, schools and districts, non-profit’s, higher education and philanthropies in helping to recognize embedded principles and assets that organizations can and should build on, gaps and missing pieces in the success puzzle, and to create the road map that all parties can depend on and use actively.