School Quality Review

School Quality Review Visitations


Routinely, school districts, boards, charter authorizers, CMO’s, and accrediting organizations lack time and capacity to stop the action and take a deep look at the life of the school. 

A School Quality Review (SQR) is a process that enables an expert “outside” team to assess the work of a school or program based on a set of benchmarks associated with high-performance and organizational design and execution.  School Quality Reviews use forensic processes to provide a range of evidence-based data and feedback, as well as specific recommendations for how the school can improve its operations and outcomes.  An SQR can also be used to inform a school, a network and/or school system about the capacity and quality of its schools to achieve their missions, including its collaborations and partnerships, data platform, communications, etc. ERC will assemble a highly-skilled and experienced team that tailors the team’s membership to include experts from sectors that correlate to your school’s unique elements or areas of focus.


Build Your Capacity

A School Quality Review by ERC also provides you with a strategic plan to mobilize parents, community members and other agencies to build local capacity to conduct further reviews and sustain the improvement initiatives you choose. We will invite and work side-by-side with your local stakeholders, inviting them in to learn the intricacies of the process from the inside.