Connected Learning & Instructional Technology

In today’s increasingly technological world, classrooms have the opportunity to be places for student-centered learning and powerful spaces to develop global citizenship. The devices that students have in their pockets are increasingly [powerful], expanding possibilities for inquiry, creation, and publishing. 

To take advantage of these emerging potentials, teachers need to focus on the intersection of connected learning and available technologies. As they design purposeful activities and groupings within rigorous learning frameworks, they can incorporate technologies that help students develop mastery and ownership of their own education.

Students are then able to construct and document their understandings of the world, collaborate in meaningful, exciting ways with communities around the world, and publish for audiences that matter to them.

Questions ERC can help you answer…

  • How can integrating iPads, Chromebooks, and mobile devices augment best practices in classroom learning?
  • In what ways does Bloom’s Taxonomy translate to the digital world, and what apps facilitate specific understandings and skills?
  • How can Newmann’s definition of authentic achievement and rigorous work inform unit and lesson planning?
  • When can aspects of Understanding by Design serve to shift the paradigm from traditional planning?