Development of District Portfolios
& Multiple Pathways

Today’s one-size-fits all urban public schools too often fail to provide students with sufficient academic skills and the social-emotional support to thrive in our economy and in our communities. Frustration at trying to solve the needs of a wide range of needs with a single model has disheartened many educators and resulted in a loss of support for traditional public education.

The key is this: children and young adults in a diverse city do not all need exactly the same kind of schooling. A district portfolio strategy seeks to incorporate a variety of school models that match the needs and abilities of a variety of students. There is abundant research and experience in building schools for students of all ages where they can receive the attention, support and instruction required to achieve and grow.

The Education Resources Consortium offers customized research, data analysis and program development for districts of all sizes that wish to adopt a portfolio approach to increase the availability of personalized learning options for students.  ERC can also bring to bear our experience to help district leaders ensure that schools implementing these personalized learning models are provided with the right kinds of autonomy and flexibility for implementation. We also provide guidance in developing new policies and systems to recognize and implement effective practices and build on economies of scale.