The Education Resources Consortium provides schools, districts, non-profit organizations, and philanthropies with critical expertise to meet their challenge through:


Current and Past Clients

Albuquerque Public Schools

Albuquerque, New Mexico

  • Leadership support and coaching for central office administrators

  • Workshops and seminars for K-12 principals

  • Coaching and support for STEM programming and the Office of Innovation.

  • Professional support for elementary teachers as they implement technology-informed (“blended”) learning as core instructional practice, including:

    • Remote video-conferencing with Transformation Coaches and teachers -grade-level and school-based groups

    • Workshops and coaching sessions integrated with school/district initiatives, curricula, and technology tools as well as defining and modeling best practices for technology-informed learning.


White Mountains Regional High School

Whitefield, New Hampshire

  • STEM/STEAM program design

  • Professional development in inquiry learning, authentic project design, technology infusion, EdCafes and student voice strategies

  • Administrative team support and coaching


Buckingham, Browne & Nichols (BB&N)

Cambridge, Massachusetts

  • Coaching for school leaders at the Upper and Lower School

  • Professional development in supervision & evaluation to combined teachers and school leaders at all grade levels

Blue Hills Regional Vocational High School

Canton, Massachusetts

  • Leadership and administrative coaching and support

  • Professional development workshops for teachers and staff, including

    • Engaging Challenging Learners

    • Teaching Reading Across the Curriculum

    • STEM Learning, Inquiry-Based Learning

    • Improving Writing Across the Curriculum

    • Culturally Sensitive Pedagogy

    • Technology Infusion to Enhance Student Learning

    • Supervision & Evaluation That Best Employs the Teacher Performance Rubric.


Natick Public Schools

Natick, Massachusetts

  • Coaching and mentoring for a generation of administrators in Natick, including support for first years as leaders in the district, including

  • Situation analysis and problem solving,

  • Consultation on supervision and evaluation of staff,

  • Observation of meetings,

  • Feedback on communications and writing, and

  • Small group facilitation


Tiverton, Rhode Island Public Schools

  • Coaching Support for Middle & High School Principals


Coventry Public Schools

Coventry, Rhode Island

  • Leadership support and coaching for central administrative team

  • Teacher Leadership Development to support Social Emotional Development (SED) programming at the Allan Shawn Feinstein Middle School

  • Coaching for new school principals


TEC Connections Academy (TECCA)

Virtual School District -Massachusetts

  • Strategic coaching and school development with TECCA leadership

  • Development of a Leadership Seminar for the educators moving into new positions


Central Falls High School,

Central Falls, RI

  • Support for development and implementation of supervision & evaluation system

  • Technical assistance in supervision and evaluation management

  • Administrative coaching

  • District leadership coaching and professional development

  • Facilitation and coaching at school level


Coxsackie-Athens Central School District

Coxsackie, New York

  • Coaching and support for central office team and building principals in development of Social Emotional Development SED) programming

  • Professional Development for Teacher Leaders in SED and Guided Discipline

Times2 STEM Academy

Providence, Rhode Island

  • Coaching of school leaders

  • Program Evaluation & Teacher Evaluation Services

Dr. Jorge Alvarez HS

Providence, Rhode Island

  • Leadership Coaching- for principal, administrative team and Instructional Leadership Team

  • Creation of and coaching for Wellness Team

  • Professional development and coaching in inquiry learning

  • Coaching for grade-level teams


Wayland High School

Wayland, MA

  • Support and coaching for development of Leadership Team


McLaughlin Middle School

Manchester, New Hampshire

  • Support the growth and development of the STEAM-Ahead, STEM Academy.

  • Tools and coaching support for teachers in authentic project creation,

  • Scaffolding for generative EdCafes,

  • Archiving and assessing student work, and

  • Technology integration for student learning


Albuquerque Sign Language Academy (ASLA)

Albuquerque, New Mexico

  • Coaching and professional development for Leadership Team

  • Facilitation and coaching re: board and partnership development


Fishers Island Community School

Fishers Island, New York

  • Collaborative development and Implementation of a new teacher evaluation system, with procedures and performance rubric


Joseph Keefe Technical High School

Framingham, Massachusetts

  • Coaching for new school administrator

  • Facilitation for Teacher Leader Team

  • Conflict Resolution / Mediation Work

  • Professional development, workshops and seminars including:

    • Inquiry-Based Learning,

    • Writing Across the Curriculum,

    • Culturally Sensitive Pedagogy,

    • Technology Infusion/Blended Learning to Enhance Student Learning

    • Supervision & Evaluation: Knowing the Teacher Performance Rubric and

    • Engaging Struggling Learners


Putnam Avenue Upper School

Cambridge, Massachusetts

  • Professional development and facilitation for Leadership Team


Hoosick Falls Central School District

Hoosick Falls, New York

  • Professional development and coaching in Social Emotional Development (SED) programming, including planning and facilitation of teacher work groups

  • Support and coaching for Leadership Team and Student Support Team


Federal Hocking School District

Stewart, Ohio

  • In partnership with PEAR (Partnerships in Education and Resiliency, McLean Hospital and Harvard Medical School Adolescent Unit) to bring Social Emotional Development (SED) programming, tools and coaching for leaders, counselors and staff to this rural district


John J. Doran Elementary School

Fall River, Massachusetts

  • Support for turn-around efforts, including

    • Coaching for principal and Instructional Leadership Team

    • Create SED/Wellness team

    • Advise re: new systems and key positions

    • Professional development and facilitation for turn-around efforts

    • Partnership development


Plymouth Public Schools,

Plymouth, Massachusetts

  • Coaching and professional development in Supervision & Evaluation


Santa Fe Public Schools

Santa Fe, New Mexico

  • Professional development workshops in technology infusion

  • Increasing student engagement and inquiry practices

Randolph Public Schools

Randolph, Massachusetts

  • Support for implementation of redesign grant including

    • Development of a 9th grade Academy

    • Supervision and evaluation training for central administrative team

    • Support and coaching for technology infusion and teacher planning



Leadership High School Network &NM Center for School Leadership aka Future Focused Education

Albuquerque, New Mexico

  • Wide-reaching technical and leadership support, research, strategy development, and facilitation for the ground-up creation of four small high schools dedicated to serving students who may not have been successful in prior schooling and who partner with robust and active industries in New Mexico. Support included:

    • Strategic support and facilitation for initial school design

    • Coaching for emerging leaders and teams

    • Assisting in the developing a non-profit “center” to engage the community and support the schools

    • Provide coaching and support at school level, including

      • Leadership coaching

      • Team development

      • Positive youth development (PYD) and Advisory programming

      • Technology infusion and project design

      • Remote coaching for instructional practices

    • School Quality Reviews

    • Networking and connecting practitioners and partners

    • Facilitation and coaching with governing boards


East Greenwich High School

East Greenwich, RI

  • Training and professional development in Supervision & Evaluation


West High School

Manchester NH

  • Support and coaching for development of STEM/STEAM program


Fall River School District

Fall River, MA

  • Coaching and support for district leadership including

    • District Leadership Training

    • Principal coaching

    • Supervision & Evaluation training at the high school level

    • School turnaround support


Hudson Public Schools

Hudson, MA

  • Coaching for new school leaders


Laconia Public Schools

Laconia, NH

  • Training for administrative staff on Supervision & Evaluation

  • Training for vocational school faculty in Peer Observation & Feedback